Shawn Alladio working the Mavericks Surf Contest 2010

Shawn Alladio working the Mavericks Surf Contest 2010
Mavericks Water Patrol

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The War Within

To All My Brothers

The character employed for the custom of warfare is one of ultimate sacrifice. To sacrifice in itself, alters the moral nature and sentiments often gifted towards a daily existence. Life itself is in the exchange. This ethos is the track line of a warrior, one who can handle the homicidal deliberation vital to conflict at arms.

Sentiment cannot be often employed, for it can kill or strike away at the edifice of war strategy when mediocrity becomes an influencing weakness. A personal dissolution to the degree of many known comforts that are familiar to our modern lifestyle ensue.

When aggressively engaged in the peripheral of battle, essentials such as water, food and shelter are vital to survival. Societal gains are deliberately parked while strife and armed conflict thrive in a state of hostility. Bodies take strikes and so can the mind, often the silent destruction plies the corners of a Holy solitary night. Some return, and some drift into the lee of a strong wind blowing a hallowed valley of our Death.

Situations and the awareness of threat; potential and striking range prime and heighten this passage, one that a warrior takes when there’s an enemy to destroy. It is a competition of opposites.

The rules do not employ the powerfully shifting emotions that lead one to a spiritual foundation, one must grasp this individually and have dialogue with the Creator.

The surge needed is all for destroying an opponent and making them weaker than your own position. This struggle is to endure longer than your adversary; to continue life before yours is taken, and there will be residual strife.

Shoemaker Brothers ‘AMERICA’

The variance of a soul is dependent upon that individual personal code of conduct and absolute faith. There are often valiant and strenuous engagements; loss and horror, enduring efforts and difficulties, great exchanges are delivered through dramatic actions.

The grand controversy of our collective human scope unfolds in brilliant canopies of movement. The rewards are not excessive in community flare, it is duty first.

It is a continuum of conflict and confrontation. This is where reputation earns rank, all for the compliment of civility to distinguish our nation; to defend and uphold principles and values, to serve something outside of oneself, greater than I, than you.


To be a warrior, one must engage.

A fight is esteemed with respect and reverence that offers a veneration of noble reputation. The interpretation of honor is the exclusionary process of opinion. The honor extended to courage, brotherhood and fidelity coexist with a just 'righteous' cause of one's own admission. The strict conformity of duty that is imposed through the position of moral worth drives the position of warfare.

There are many little daily wars. Some of them are at home, thriving in hidden thoughts, against neighbors, against oneself, against an enemy perceived or a duty to justice served. This does not mean all is good. There is surrender in war, through vivid memories exposed through smell, sound and unkind thoughts, provoked by senses.

War is movement without hesitation, bound to virtues of a warrior ethos that cannot be assumed, but earned through merit and scope of sacrifice. Each Warrior finds his shore, even amidst erosion, the safety of a familiar continent looms through the haze of losses, gains and troubled nights. There is grace that only comes with the gift of time.

The ending is the most important of all.

Shawn Alladio - K38 Rescue
July 30, 2010

In Honor of Steve Schleder -
Desecrated Military Veterans Gravesites at St. Mary’s, Ventura CA.
'Damaged But Not Forgotten'

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